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Phyllonorycter issikii(PRYCIS)

Distribution details in Russia

Current pest situation evaluated by EPPO on the basis of information dated 2019: Present, restricted distribution
From CABI Pest map 751 (2011): Present, restricted distribution
* Ermolaev, V. P. (1978) Proceedings of the Zoological Institute, Academy of Sciences of the USSR 70, 98-116.

* Gninenko, Yu. I.; Orlinskii, A. D. (2004) Zashchita i Karantin Rastenii No. 4, 33.

* Izhevskii, S. S. (2008) Zashchita i Karantin Rastenii 6, 25-28.
------- European part of Russia.

* Konusova OL, Mikhailova SI, Prokopiev AS, Shchepetkina SA (2019) [The lime leaf miner (Phyllonorycter issikii) - an invasive pest in plantations of Tomsk]. Zashchita i Karantin Rasteniĭ no. 10, 49-51 (in Russian).
------- Tomsk (Western Siberia).

* Orlinskii, A. D.; Shakhramanov, I. K.; Mukhanov, S. Yu.; Maslyakov, V. Yu. (1991) Zashchita Rastenii No. 11, 37-41

* EPPO Data sheet originally drafted by Dr Bassova (Russia), 2003.

* Pest Risk Assessment done by the EPPO Panel on Quarantine Pests for Forestry, 2003.
Situation in neighbouring countries
Country State Status
Belarus Present, widespread view...
Estonia Present, no details view...
Finland Present, no details view...
Latvia Present, widespread view...
Poland Present, widespread view...
Ukraine Present, widespread view...