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Prunus persica var. platycarpa(PRNPP)

Code created in: 2015-01-04

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: PRNPP
  • Preferred name: Prunus persica var. platycarpa
  • Authority: (Decaisne) Bailey


Not considered by many authors to be a botanical taxon distinct from Prunus persica, but very distinct as a cultivated variety widely distributed since the beginnine of the 21st century

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Prunus persica subsp. platycarpa (Decaisne) Rivera, Obón, Ríos, Selma, Mendez, Verde & Cano

Common names
Name Language
doughnut peach English (US)
flat peach English
Bergpfirsich German
pêche plate French
pêche plate de Chine French
paraguayo Spanish