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Populus x canescens(POPCN)

Code created in: 2002-03-02

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: POPCN
  • Preferred name: Populus x canescens
  • Authority: (Aiton) Smith


A natural hybrid between the European parent species (P. alba and P. tremula), found occasionally in the wild. This hybrid has been the basis for a selection and propagation programme which makes P. canescens the commonest plantation poplar in western Europe

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Populus alba x P. tremula
Populus albotremula Krause
Populus canescens (Aiton) Smith
Populus x hybrida Marschall von Bieberstein

Common names
Name Language
grey poplar English
Graupappel German
blanc de Hollande French
grisard French
peuplier blanchâtre French
peuplier grisaille French
peuplier grisard French
ypréau French
álamo bastardo Spanish
álamo cano Spanish
chopo bastardo Spanish
pioppo canescente Italian
pioppo gattinero Italian
pioppo grigio Italian
grauwe abeel Dutch
grijze populier Dutch
álamo-cinzento Portuguese
choupo-cinzento Portuguese
choupo-híbrido Portuguese
gråpoppel Swedish
белолистка Russian
тополь гибридный Russian
тополь седеющий Russian
тополь сереющий Russian
grå-poppel Danish
gråpoppel Norwegian
harmaapoppeli Finnish
boz kavak Turkish
topola szara Polish
szürke nyár Hungarian
plep Albanian
сива топола Bulgarian
pollancre canescent Catalan
yín huī yáng Chinese
银灰杨 Chinese
topol šedý Czech
hall haab Estonian
pelēcīgā apse Latvian
pilkoji tuopa Lithuanian
plop cenușiu Romanian
topoľ sivý Slovak
тополя сірувата Ukrainian