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Bjerkandera adusta(POLPAD)

Code created in: 2002-02-06

Basic information
  • Preferred name: Bjerkandera adusta
  • Authority: (Willdenow) Karsten

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Gloeoporus adustus (Willdenow) Pilat
Leptoporus adustus (Willdenow) Quélet
Polyporus adustus (Willdenow) Fries
Polyporus crispus Persoon

Common names
Name Language
scored conk English
smoky bracket English
white mottled rot of spruce English
white rot of heartwood English
angebrannter Rauchporling German
rauchgrauer Porling German
Weißfäule: Tanne German
bjerkandera brûlée French
carie de l'épicéa French
polypore gris des conifères French
tramète brûlée French
políporo gris de las coníferas Spanish
бьеркандера опалённая Russian