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Persicaria japonica(POLJA)

Code created in: 1996-10-28

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: POLJA
  • Preferred name: Persicaria japonica
  • Authority: (Meisner) Gross


China (including Taiwan, Tibet), Japan, Korea. This plant is quite distinct from "Japanese knotweed" (Fallopia japonica) and should not be confused with it.

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Polygonum japonicum Meisner

Common names
Name Language
polígono-maritimo Portuguese
shirobana-sakura-tade Japanese
シロバナサクラタデ Japanese
горец японский Russian
cán jiǎn liǎo Chinese
蚕茧蓼 Chinese
흰꽃여뀌 Korean
huin kkot yeo kkwi Korean