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Podosphaera clandestina(PODOCL)

Code created in: 2002-02-03

Basic information
  • Preferred name: Podosphaera clandestina
  • Authority: (Wallroth) Léveillé

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Alphitomorpha clandestina Wallroth
Erysiphe oxyacanthae de Candolle
Podosphaera oxyacanthae (de Candolle) de Bary

Common names
Name Language
powdery mildew of cherry English
powdery mildew of hawthorn English
powdery mildew of quince English
Mehltau: Kirsche German
Mehltau: Quitte German
Mehltau: Weißdorn German
blanc du cerisier French
blanc du cognassier French
blanc du pêcher French
blanc du pommier French
blanc du prunier French
oïdium de l'aubépine French
oïdium du cerisier French
oídio del membrillero Spanish