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Phyllostachys aurea(PLLAR)

Code created in: 2004-04-01

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: PLLAR
  • Preferred name: Phyllostachys aurea
  • Authority: Rivière & C. Rivière


China, Indochina. Introduced in Mediterranean, Caucasus, Himalayas, Malesia, Japan (since ancient times), Cameroon, USA (southern), Mexico, Central America, South America (northwest to Bolivia and central Brazil), Australia (South, Queensland, New South Wales), New Zealand 

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Bambusa aurea Sieber
Phyllostachys bambusoides var. aurea (Rivière & C. Rivière) Makino

Common names
Name Language
fish-pole Japanese bamboo English (AU)
golden Japanese bomboo English (AU)
Goldrohrbambus German
Knotenbambus German
bambou doré French
bambú dorado Spanish
bambú japonés Spanish
bambù aurea Italian
gouden bamboe Dutch
bambu-do-japão Portuguese
bambu-dourado Portuguese
bambu-mirim Portuguese
hotei-chiku Japanese
ホテイチク Japanese
золотистый бамбук Russian
золотоствольный бамбук Russian
листоколосник золотисто-жёлтый Russian
листоколосник золотистый Russian
листоколосник золотой Russian
филлостахис золотистый Russian
филлостахис золотой Russian
rén miàn zhú Chinese
人面竹 Chinese