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Pinus strobus(PIUST)

Code created in: 2003-05-08

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: PIUST
  • Preferred name: Pinus strobus
  • Authority: Linnaeus


Northeastern USA and eastern Canada, Mexico, Central America. State flower of Maine (USA).  Planted in Europe as a timber tree,  but found to be very susceptible to white pine blister rust Cronartium ribicola (q.v.). Introduced in central Europe, Korea

Common names
Name Language
eastern white pine English (US)
northern white pine English
Weymouth pine English
white pine English
yellow pine English
Buschelkiefer German
Strobe German
Weymouth-Föhre German
Weymouth-Kiefer German
Weymouths Kiefer German
pin blanc French
pin blanc d'Amérique French
pin blanc de l'Est French
pin de Weymouth French
pin du Lord French
pino blanco Spanish
pino di Lord Weymouth Spanish
pino bianco Italian
pino di Weymouth Italian
pino strobo Italian
Weymouth-den Dutch
pinheirio-de-Weymouth Portuguese
pinheiro-branco Portuguese
pinheiro-branco Portuguese
weymouthtall Swedish
сосна белая Russian
сосна веймутова Russian
Weymouths fyr Danish
weymouthfuru Norwegian
strobusmänty Finnish
sosna amerykańska Polish
sosna Weymoutha Polish
wejmutka Polish
kanadai simafenyő Hungarian
simafenyő Hungarian
веймутка Bulgarian
веймутов бор Bulgarian
pi strobus Catalan
běi měi qiáo sōng Chinese
北美乔松 Chinese
vajmutov bor Croatian
borovice vejmutovka Czech
vejmutovka Czech
스트로브잣나무 Korean
seu teu ro beu jat na mu Korean
боровац Serbian
вајмутов бор Serbian
borovica hladká Slovak
gladki bor Slovene
zeleni bor Slovene
сосна веймутова Ukrainian