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Picea obovata(PIEOB)

Code created in: 2003-05-07

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: PIEOB
  • Preferred name: Picea obovata
  • Authority: Ledebour


Sometimes considered as just a form of P. abies, P. obovata replaces it in Russia east of the Urals

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Picea abies subsp. obovata (Ledebour) Hultén

Common names
Name Language
Siberian spruce English
Altai-Fichte German
sibirische Fichte German
épicéa de Sibérie French
sapinette de Sibérie French
abete siberiano Italian
Siberische fijnspar Dutch
espruce-da-sibéria Portuguese
pícea-da-sibéria Portuguese
altaigran Swedish
ель сибирская Russian
Altai-rødgran Danish
sibirgran Norwegian
siperiankuusi Finnish
xī bó lì yà yún shān Chinese
西伯利亚云杉 Chinese