EPPO Global Database

Phytophthora capsici(PHYTCP)

Code created in: 2001-02-19

Basic information
  • Preferred name: Phytophthora capsici
  • Authority: Leonian

Common names
Name Language
blight of capsicum English
blight of pepper English
brown rot of watermelon English
fruit decay of squash English
fruit rot of capsicum English
leaf blight of cucumber English
leaf blight of tomato English
root rot of capsicum English
root rot of cucumber English
root rot of pepper English
root rot of tomato English
Fäule: Gurkengewächse German
Fäule: Paprika German
Fäule: Tomate German
Wurzelbrand: Pfeffer German
Wurzelbrand: Tomate German
mildiou du poivron French
pudrición de las hortalizas Spanish
pudrición del pie del pimiento Spanish
tristeza del chile Spanish