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Physalis peruviana(PHYPE)

Last modification: 2002-02-11

Basic information
  • EPPO code: PHYPE
  • Preferred name: Physalis peruviana
  • Authority: Linnaeus


Chile, Peru. Cultivated for its edible fruits and introduced into many countries, including Mediterranean Europe and South Africa (exports to UK led to the name "Cape gooseberry"). Naturalized in coastal areas in Spain and Portugal. Introduced and potentially  invasive in Corsica

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Physalis edulis Sims

Common names
Name Language
African groundcherry English (US)
Aztec berry English
Brazil cherry English
cape gooseberry English
common cape gooseberry English (AU)
giant groundcherry English (US)
goldenberry English
Inca berry English
Peruvian cherry English
Peruvian groundcherry English (US)
physalis English
Anden-Beere German
Kap-Stachelbeere German
peruanische Blasenkirsche German
alkekenge jaune French
amour en cage French
coqueret du Pérou French
alquequenje Spanish
capuli Spanish
tomatito Spanish
alchechengi del Perù Italian
alchechengio giallo Italian
goudbes Dutch
alquequenje-amarelo Portuguese
tomate-inglês Portuguese
tomatinho-de-capucho Portuguese
kapkrusbär Swedish
ブドウホオズキ Japanese
budôhoozuki Japanese
перуанская вишня Russian
физалис перуанский Russian
karviaiskoiso Finnish
perui földicseresznye Hungarian
dēng lóng guǒ Chinese
灯笼果 Chinese
sjetvena mjehurica Croatian
mochyně peruánská Czech
cireșele de pământ Romanian
machovka Peruánska Slovak
perujsko volčje jabolko Slovene
фізаліс перуанський Ukrainian