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Physalis ixocarpa(PHYIX)

Code created in: 1996-10-28

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: PHYIX
  • Preferred name: Physalis ixocarpa
  • Authority: Hornemann


Mexico. Introduced into North and Central America. Cultivated for its fruits. Its intoduction into Spain was not a commercial success, but the species became naturalized in any case. Some authors distinguish two species (P. philadelphica and P. ixocarpa), but it seems that their origin, and the history of their introduction and naturalization is the same. Also in Russia

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Physalis philadelphica Lamarck

Common names
Name Language
green tomato English
husk-tomato English
jam berry English
jamberry English (US)
Mexican groundcherry English
Mexican husk tomato English
purple cape gooseberry English
tomatillo groundcherry English (US)
petite tomate du Mexique French
physalis du Mexique French
tomatillo French
tomatillo du Mexique French
tomatillo pourpre French
tomate de Brihuega Spanish
tomate verde Spanish
tomatillo Spanish (HN)
tomatito Spanish
alquequenje Portuguese
alquequenje-bastardo Portuguese
alquequenje-doce Portuguese
alquequenje-do-méxico Portuguese
barrilheiro Portuguese
cerejas-de-judeu Portuguese
cerejeira-de-judeu Portuguese
miltomate Portuguese
физалис клейкоплодный Russian
физалис филадельфийский Russian
miechunka pomidorowa Polish
mexikói földicseresznye Hungarian
mochyně dužnoplodá Czech
machovka dužnoplodá Slovak
фізаліс клейкоплодий Ukrainian