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Physalis alkekengi(PHYAL)

Last modification: 2002-04-08

Basic information
  • EPPO code: PHYAL
  • Preferred name: Physalis alkekengi
  • Authority: Linnaeus


Asia (but replaced in Japan by var. franchetii, q.v.) to Europe. The native range appears obscure since the species seems most probably to be an archaeophyte in Europe (i.e. introduced and cultivated in ancient times), naturalized but now tending to disappear. Cultivated as a medicinal plant and ornamental in China.

In Europe, P. alkekengi is still cultivated as an ornamental, and occasionally naturalized as a result. Any fruit production in Europe is based on non-European Physalis spp. The English common name "Cape gooseberry" is in fact not appropriate for P. alkekengi, since it recalls the production of fruits of non-native Physalis spp. in South Africa, for export. 

Common names
Name Language
bladder cherry English
Cape gooseberry English (GB)
Chinese lantern plant English (US)
Japanese lantern English
Blasenkirsche German
gemeine Blasenkirsche German
gemeine Judenkirsche German
gemeine Lampionpflanze German
gemeine Laternenpflanze German
gewöhnliche Blasenkirsche German
gewöhnliche Judenkirsche German
Judenkirsche German
Lampionpflanze German
Lanternenpflanze German
alkékenge French
alkekenge commun French
coqueret French
coqueret alkékenge French
alquequenje Spanish
alquequenje común Spanish
camapú Spanish
solano vejigoso Spanish
vejiga de perro Spanish
vejiga de perro Spanish
accatengi Italian
alchechengi comune Italian
coralli Italian
palloncini Italian
echte lampionplant Dutch
gewoon jodenkers Dutch
alquequenje Portuguese
cerejas-de-judeu Portuguese
erva-noiva Portuguese
judekörs Swedish
vanlig judekörs Swedish
カガチ Japanese
ホオズキ Japanese
アカカガチ Japanese
akakagachi Japanese
hô-zuki Japanese
kagachi Japanese
китайский фонарик Russian
мохунька Russian
пёсья вишня Russian
пузырчатая вишня Russian
физалис обыкновенный Russian
jødekirsebær Danish
güveyfeneri Turkish
miechunka rozdęta Polish
zsidócseresznye Hungarian
fshikakuqe Albanian
fshikakuqi Albanian
мехунка Bulgarian
suān jiāng Chinese
酸浆 Chinese
šumska mjehurica Croatian
mochyně židovská třešeň Czech
φυσαλίδα Greek
păpălău Romanian
вучја јагода Serbian
обична мјехурица Serbian
обични љосковац Serbian
čerešňa židovska Slovak
machovka čerešňová Slovak
machovka židovska Slovak
navadno volčje jabolko Slovene
фізаліс звичайний Ukrainian