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Phoenix dactylifera(PHXDA)

Last modification: 1996-10-28

Basic information
  • EPPO code: PHXDA
  • Preferred name: Phoenix dactylifera
  • Authority: Linnaeus


Origin in Near East, now cultivated for its fruits from North Africa to Pakistan. Also widely grown as an ornamental in warmer parts of the world

Genome sequence published in 2011

Common names
Name Language
финикова палма Bulgarian
fasser Catalan
palmera datilera Catalan
palmera de dàtils Catalan
daddelpalme Danish
echte Dattelpalme German
gemeine Dattelpalme German
common date palm English
date palm English
datilera común Spanish
palmera Spanish
palmera común Spanish
palmera datilera Spanish
palmera de dátiles Spanish
dattier commun French
palmier dattier French
tamar matzui Hebrew
תָּמָר מָצוּי Hebrew
dattero Italian
dattolo Italian
palma del dattero comune Italian
palmo da datteri Italian
ナツメヤシ Japanese
フヱニックス Japanese
finikkusu Japanese
natsumeyashi Japanese
dadelpalm Dutch
gewone dadelpalm Dutch
daktyl Polish
daktylowiec właściwy Polish
palma daktylowa Polish
tamareira Portuguese
tamareira-comum Portuguese
финиковая пальма Russian
dadelpalm Swedish
vanlig dadelpalm Swedish
hurma Turkish
hǎi zǎo Chinese
海枣 Chinese