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Phaseolus acutifolius(PHSAF)


Organism Type
Meloidogyne enterolobii (MELGMY) Experimental
* Masenya TA, Mdluli TE, Thosago SS, Dube ZP, Sebati ML (2023) Host status and host sensitivity of Kickapoo white tepary bean to Meloidogyne entorolobii. Acta Agriculturae Scandinavica, Section B—Soil & Plant Science 73(1), 88-93.
Bean golden mosaic virus (as Phaseolus) (BGMV00) Host
Helicoverpa zea (as Phaseolus) (HELIZE) Host
* Matthews M (1991) Classification of the Heliothinae. Bulletin of the Natural Resources Institute No. 44. Natural Resources Institute, Chatham, UK.
Megalurothrips usitatus (MEGTUS) Host
* Cabrera-Asencio I, de Jensen CE (2023) First report of the exotic species Megalurothrips usitatus (Thysanoptera: Thripidae), pest of Fabaceae, in Puerto Rico. Florida Entomologist 106(4), 267-269. https://doi.org/10.1653/024.106.0410
Phymatotrichopsis omnivora (PHMPOM) Host
* Anonymous (1960) Index of Plant Diseases in the United States. Agriculture Handbook no 165, USDA-ARS (US) 531 pp.
Pseudocercospora griseola (PHAIGR) Host
Pseudocercospora griseola (as Phaseolus) (PHAIGR) Host
Spodoptera praefica (as Phaseolus) (PRODPR) Host
* Berry RE (1998) Western yellowstriped armyworm. Spodoptera praefica. Insects and Mites or Economic Importance in the Northwest. Oregon State University Bookstore, p 221 (online modified version). http://uspest.org/potato/wystriparmyworm.pdf

* British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture. Western yellowstriped armyworm (Spodoptera praefica). https://rdno.civicweb.net/document/127358/western-yellowstriped-armyworm.pdf?handle=3CD053B4F8D54F9CBB93F8D6D5572C27
Xanthomonas phaseoli pv. phaseoli (XANTPH) Host
* Zaumeyer WJ & Thomas HR (1957) A monographic study of bean diseases and methods for their control. United States Department of Agriculture, Economic Research Service.
Xanthomonas phaseoli pv. phaseoli (as Phaseolus) (XANTPH) Host