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Cenchrus americanus(PESGL)

Code created in: 2002-02-22

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: PESGL
  • Preferred name: Cenchrus americanus
  • Authority: (Linnaeus) Morrone


Africa (Burkina Faso, Nigeria, Tchad, to Zaïre, Angola, Zambia, Mozambique). Primarily a grain crop in Africa. In recent years, ornamental cultivars have been marketed for garden use. Introduced in some Mediterranean and Black Sea countries, Russia, Russian Far East, Central Asia, Western Asia, Himalayas, India, Indochina (Myanmar, Vietnam), Malesia (Java), China, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Sénégal to Niger and Côte d'Ivoire, Sudan, Namibia to northern South Africa, Madagascar, USA (throughout), Mexico, Caribbean (Cuba, Hispaniola), South America (throughout), New Zealand

WSSA list of weeds in North America

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Chaetochloa glauca (Linnaeus) Scribner
Panicum glaucum Linnaeus
Pennisetum americanum (Linnaeus) Leeke
Pennisetum glaucum (Linnaeus) Brown
Pennisetum spicatum (Linnaeus) Körnicke
Pennisetum typhoides (Burman) Stapf & Hubbard
Pennisetum typhoideum Richard
Setaria glauca (Linnaeus) Palisot de Beauvois

Common names
Name Language
bulrush millet English
cat-tail millet English
ornamental millet English
pearl millet English
pokograss English
gelbe Perlhirse German
Negerhirse German
Perlhirse German
Pinselgras German
Rohrkolbenhirse German
mil French
millet à chandelle French
millet perlé French
sétaire glauque French
almorejo glauco Spanish
bajra Spanish
legartera Spanish (AR)
mijo perla Spanish
panizo de Daimiel Spanish
panizo mamoso Spanish
panizo negro Spanish (AR)
miglio africano Italian
miglio de l'India Italian
miglio perlato Italian
parelgierst Dutch
milhã-amarelha Portuguese
milheto Portuguese
milheto-pérola Portuguese
pärlhirs Swedish
tôjinbie Japanese
トウジンビエ Japanese
пеннисетум сизый Russian
щетинник сизый Russian
сивосинкава кощрява Bulgarian
xereix d'aresta groga Catalan
yù gǔ Chinese
御谷 Chinese
cua de vop Occitan
herbo de tal Occitan
làye Occitan
milhauco Occitan
mouséne Occitan
pà d'auset Occitan
payen Occitan
пенісетум американський Ukrainian