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Peronospora trifoliorum(PEROTR)

Code created in: 2002-11-29

Basic information
  • Preferred name: Peronospora trifoliorum
  • Authority: de Bary

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Peronospora meliloti Sydow
Peronospora trifolii-hybridi Gäumann
Peronospora trifolii-repentis Sydow

Common names
Name Language
downy mildew of clover English
downy mildew of lucerne English
Falscher Mehltau: Klee German
Falscher Mehltau: Luzerne German
mildiou de la luzerne French
mildiou du trèfle French
miliou du mélilot French
mildiú de la alfalfa Spanish
mildiú del trébol Spanish