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Peucedanum zenkeri(PCDZE)

Code created in: 1996-10-28

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: PCDZE
  • Preferred name: Peucedanum zenkeri
  • Authority: H. Wolff


Throughout Africa from Benin to Sudan, and from Zaïre to South Africa

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Lefebvria angolensis Ficalho
Lefebvria benguelensis Engler
Lefebvria microcarpa H. Wolff
Lefebvria nigeriae H. Wolff
Lefebvria welwitschii Engler
Lefebvria zenkeri Engler
Peucedanum angolense (Welwitsch) Cannon
Peucedanum benguelense (Engler) Eyles
Peucedanum buchananii Baker
Peucedanum caneroonsum Hiroe
Peucedanum grantii Hiern
Peucedanum nigeriae (H.Wolff) Hiroe
Peucedanum welwitschii (Engler) Hiroe
Peucedanum whyetei Hiroe