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Passiflora foetida(PAQFO)

Code created in: 2002-11-13

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: PAQFO
  • Preferred name: Passiflora foetida
  • Authority: Linnaeus


USA (Texas), Mexico, Central America, Caribbean, South America (except southern cone). Introduced in Western Asia (Pakistan), India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Indochina, Malesia, China (including Taiwan), Sénégal, Mauretanie, Tchad, Guinée to Nigeria and Cameroon, Gabon, Zaïre, Somalia, East Africa, Angola, Mozambique, New Guinea, Australia (Western, Northern, Queensland, New South Wales)

WSSA list of weeds in North America

Common names
Name Language
goat-scented passion flower English
love-in-a-mist English
red-fruit passionflower English (US)
running-pop English
stinking passionflower English (AU)
rotfrüchtige Passionsblume German
marie goujeat French
passiflore fétide French
caguajasa Spanish (CU)
clavellin blanco Spanish (HN)
granadilla colorada Spanish
granadilla silvestre Spanish
maracuyá de cobra Spanish
norbo cimarrón Spanish (BO)
parchita de culebra Spanish
pedón Spanish (CR)
sandia de culebra Spanish (MX)
tumbillo Spanish
maracujazeiro-fétido Portuguese
martírios-fétidos Portuguese
kusatokeisô Japanese
クサトケイソウ Japanese
пассифлора вонючая Russian
пассифлора изменчивая Russian
страстоцвет вонючий Russian
страстоцвет изменчивый Russian
lóng zhū guǒ Chinese
龙珠果 Chinese