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Papaver nudicaule(PAPNU)

Last modification: 2002-03-01

Basic information
  • EPPO code: PAPNU
  • Preferred name: Papaver nudicaule
  • Authority: Linnaeus


Far north of Eurasia and North America, northern China and central Asia. Cultivated as an ornamental (often as hybrids with related species) and widely naturalized. See also P. croceum

Common names
Name Language
Arctic poppy English
Iceland poppy English
altaischer Mohn German
Island-Mohn German
nacktstengeliger Alpenmohn German
pavot à tige nue French
pavot d'Islande French
papavero d'Islanda Italian
papavero islandese Italian
sibirisk vallmo Swedish
アイスランド ポピー Japanese
シベリアヒナゲシ Japanese
aisurando popî Japanese
shiberiahinageshi Japanese
мак голостебельный Russian
fjeld-vallmue Danish
sibirisk vallmue Danish
mak nagołodygowy Polish
mak syberzjski Polish
yě yīng sù Chinese
野罂粟 Chinese
mynd Icelandic