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Pandanus utilis(PADUT)

Code created in: 2002-03-01

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: PADUT
  • Preferred name: Pandanus utilis
  • Authority: Bory


Madagascar, Mascarene islands. Cultivated for its fibrous foliage, which is used as a material for mats, roofing etc. Introduced since ancient times in many parts of the tropics: India, Malesia, various countries of tropical Africa, USA (Florida), Central America, Caribbean, Brazil

Common names
Name Language
common screw palm English
common screw pine English
Madagascar screw palm English
screw pine English
gewöhnlicher Schraubenbaum German
palmier à vis French
pandane French
vacoa French
vacoi utile French
vaquois French
palma de cinta Spanish
pandano Spanish
pandano Italian
schroefpalm Dutch
pandano Portuguese
skruvpalm Swedish
pandanusu Japanese
takonoki Japanese
タコノキ Japanese
パンダヌス Japanese
панданус полезный Russian
ketaki Hindi
केतकी Hindi