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Olea europaea subsp. sylvestris(OLVES)

Code created in: 2004-04-16

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: OLVES
  • Preferred name: Olea europaea subsp. sylvestris
  • Authority: (Miller) Rouy


Mediterranean. The original native wild form of olive, from which the cultivated plant is derived

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Olea europaea subsp. oleaster (Hoffmannsegg & Link) Negodi
Olea europaea var. oleaster (Hoffmannsegg & Link) Negodi
Olea europaea var. sylvestris (Miller) Lehr

Common names
Name Language
oleaster English
wild olive English
Oleaster German
wilder Ölbaum German
wilder Olivenbaum German
oléastre French
olivier sauvage French
acebuche Spanish
aceituna Spanish
azuchera Spanish
bordizo Spanish
oleastro Spanish
olivera farga Spanish
olivera rebordenca Spanish
olivo borde Spanish
olivo salvaje Spanish
olivosilvestre Spanish
zambujo Spanish
oleastro Italian
olivio selvatico Italian
olivo selvatico Italian
azambigeiro Portuguese
azambuje Portuguese
azambulheiro Portuguese
jambujo-bravo Portuguese
oleastro Portuguese
oliveira-brava Portuguese
zambujeiro Portuguese
zambujo Portuguese
zambuzeiro Portuguese
маслина лесная Russian
ullastre Catalan
ullatre Catalan
油橄榄 Chinese
maslina divlja Croatian
ελαία αγρία Greek
divja oljka Slovene