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Olea europaea subsp. africana(OLVEA)

Code created in: 2004-04-16

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: OLVEA
  • Preferred name: Olea europaea subsp. africana
  • Authority: (Miller) Green


Western Asia, Himalayas, China, Sudan to Central Africa and South Africa. Introduced in Malesia

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Olea africana Miller
Olea chrysophylla Lamarck
Olea europaea subsp. cuspidata (Wallich & Don) Ciferri

Common names
Name Language
African olive English
wild olive English
afrikanischer Olivenbaum German
olivier d'Afrique French
olivo africano Spanish
olivio africano Italian
oliveira-africana Portuguese
oliveira-castanha Portuguese
afrikansk olivträd Swedish
gulbladig oliv Swedish
olienhout Afrikaans
xiù lín mù xī lǎn Chinese
锈鳞木犀榄 Chinese