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Ocimum basilicum(OCIBA)

Last modification: 1996-10-28

Basic information
  • EPPO code: OCIBA
  • Preferred name: Ocimum basilicum
  • Authority: Linnaeus


Origin uncertain (probably eastern Asia), not found in the wild (reputedly introduced from the Far East to Egypt, and from there to Rome, in classical times). Widely cultivated as a culinary herb in the Mediterranean region and throughout the world, rarely persisting for any significant time as an escape from cultivation. O. basilicum exists in a number of distinctive forms (some of which have been given botanical names). The Mediterranean variety is distinct from various Asiatic forms (from China, Thailand...). 

Common names
Name Language
alfabaguera Catalan
alfàbrega Catalan
aufàbiga Catalan
aufàtia Catalan
bazalka pravá Czech
sød basilikum Danish
Basilienkraut German
echtes Basilikum German
Gartenbasilienkraut German
Gartenbasilikum German
basil English
common basil English
sweet basil English
sweet basil English
albahaca Spanish
albahaca Spanish
alfábega Spanish
alhábega Spanish
hierba de los reyes Spanish
hierba de salitre Spanish (MX)
basilic French
basilic des jardins French
herbe royale French
bosiljak Croatian
bazsalikom Hungarian
basilico Italian
バジル Japanese
メボウキ Japanese
bajiru Japanese
mebôki Japanese
basilicum Dutch
bazielkruid Dutch
tuinbasilicum Dutch
bazylia pospolita Polish
alfavaca Portuguese
basilicão Portuguese
manjericão Portuguese
manjericão-grande Portuguese
manjerico-de-folhas-grandes Portuguese
базилик душистый Russian
базилик камфорный Russian
базилик обыкновенный Russian
базилик огородный Russian
базилик огородный Russian
bazalka pravá Slovak
basilika Swedish
fesleğen Turkish
васильки справжні Ukrainian
luó lè Chinese
罗勒 Chinese