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Nymphaea lotus(NYMLO)

Code created in: 2004-04-22

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: NYMLO
  • Preferred name: Nymphaea lotus
  • Authority: Linnaeus


Southeast Mediterranean (Egypt), practically all Africa (except Namibia, Cape), Madagascar. Cultivated as a night-flowering ornamental aquatic plant. A population exists in hot springs in Romania, but its status is not certain. Introduced in USA, Central America, northern South America. Some sources indicate the presence of this species in southeast Asia (native or introduced?), but this information appears obscure

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Nymphaea liberiensis A.Chevalier
Nymphaea zenkeri Gilg

Common names
Name Language
Egyptian white water lily English
tiger lotus English
white lotus English
Tigerlotus German
weiße ägyptische Lotosblume German
lotier d'Égypte French
lotus tigré French
loto tigre Spanish
nenúfar blanco egipcio Spanish
groene tijgerlotus Dutch
lótus branco Portuguese
lótus-do-egipto Portuguese
nenúfar branco Portuguese
egyptisk vitlotus Swedish
кувшинка тигровая Russian
лотос египетский Russian
нимфея лотус Russian
нимфея тигровая Russian