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Nothoscordum gracile(NOTFR)

Code created in: 2002-03-17

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: NOTFR
  • Preferred name: Nothoscordum gracile
  • Authority: (Aiton) Stearn


A South American plant, cultivated and naturalized (sometimes invasive) in many Mediterranean countries, and also in North America and other continents.

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Allium fragrans Ventenat
Allium gracile Aiton
Nothoscordum fragrans (Ventenat) Kunth

Common names
Name Language
honeybells English
onion weed English
slender false garlic English
Maiglöckchenlauch German
wohlriechender Bastardlauch German
aiil marron French
ail bâtard French
ail parfumé French
nothoscordum inodore French
ajo fragrante Spanish
ajo macho Spanish
ajo odorífero Spanish
ajo oloroso Spanish
ajo-sin-mal-olor Spanish
falso ajo Spanish
hierbacho cebollero Spanish
lágrima de la virgen Spanish
lágrima de la Virgen Spanish (AR)
aglio della Sicilia Italian
aglio fragrante Italian
alho fragrante Italian
alho-bravo Portuguese (BR)
alho-de-cheiro Portuguese
alho-dos-açores Portuguese
alho-sem-mau-cheiro Portuguese
cebolina-de-cheiro Portuguese (BR)
lágrima-da-virgem Portuguese (BR)
hatakenira Japanese
niramodoki Japanese
ニラモドキ Japanese
ハタケニラ Japanese
нотоскордум душистый Russian
all d'olor Catalan