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Nicotiana rustica(NIORU)

Last modification: 2002-03-11

Basic information
  • EPPO code: NIORU
  • Preferred name: Nicotiana rustica
  • Authority: Linnaeus


Already in cultivation in North America at the time of arrival of the first Europeans, and the first tobacco to be taken to Europe. Its ultimate origin may be in South America. It has been cultivated in many parts of the world (producing a tobacco with a high nicotine content), but to a much reduced extent now compared with N. tabacum (q.v.). Occurs as a weed of cultivation in Europe and elsewhere

Common names
Name Language
тютюн Bulgarian
tabac de pols Catalan
tabac pelut Catalan
tabac pota Catalan
tabák selský Czech
Bauerntabak German
aztec tobacco English
nicotine tobacco English
small tobacco English
wild tobacco English
tabaco Spanish
tabaco menor Spanish
tabaco moruno Spanish
tabaco rústico Spanish
tabaco verde Spanish
basatabako Basque
palturitupakka Finnish
nicotiane rustique French
petit tabac French
tabac rustique French
seoski duhan Croatian
tserebél dohány Hungarian
tabacco brasile Italian
tabacco del Brasile Italian
boerentabak Dutch
tytón bakun Polish
mapacho Portuguese (BR)
ацтекский табак Russian
бакун Russian
дикий табак Russian
индийский табак Russian
махорка Russian
табак деревенский Russian
табак махорка Russian
турецкий табак Russian
тютюн Russian
tabak sedliacký Slovak
kmečki tobak Slovene
duhan Albanian
крџа Serbian
bondtobak Swedish
hasankeyf tütünü Turkish
тютюн махорка Ukrainian
huang hua yan cao Chinese
huáng huā yān cǎo Chinese
黄花烟草 Chinese