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Corinectria fuckeliana(NECTFU)

Code created in: 2002-03-19

Basic information
  • Preferred name: Corinectria fuckeliana
  • Authority: (C. Booth) C. González & P. Chaverri

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Cylindrocarpon cylindroides var. tenue Wollenweber
Nectria cucurbitula Fuckel
Nectria fuckeliana C.Booth
Neonectria fuckeliana (C. Booth) Castlebury & Rossman
Scoleconectria cucurbitula (Tode) C.Booth

Common names
Name Language
nectria flute canker English
stem canker of spruce English
wound decay of spruce English
Rindenkrankheit: Fichte German
Wundfäule: Fichte German
chancre des conifères French
chancro de las coniferas Spanish