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Nectria cinnabarina(NECTCI)

Code created in: 2002-02-22

Basic information
  • Preferred name: Nectria cinnabarina
  • Authority: (Tode) Fries

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Sphaeria cinnabarina Tode
Tubercularia vulgaris Tode

Common names
Name Language
canker of apple English
canker of pear English
coral spot of gooseberry English
twig blight of apple English
Krebs: Obstgehölze German
roter Pustelpilz German
Rotpustelkrankheit: Buche German
Rotpustelkrankheit: Stachelbeere German
corail des groseilliers French
dépérissement nectrien du framboisier French
dépérissement nectrien du groseillier French
dépérissement nectrien du pêcher French
dépérissement nectrien du pommier French
dessèchement des rameaux du groseillier French
rouge du mûrier French
taches coralliennes du pommier French
enrojecimiento del moral Spanish
manchas coralinas del manzano Spanish
marchitez del frambueso Spanish
marchitez del grosellero Spanish
marchitez del manzano Spanish
marchitez del melocotonero Spanish
нектриевый некроз Russian
туберкуляриевый некроз Russian