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Narcissus poeticus(NARPO)

Last modification: 2004-04-17

Basic information
  • EPPO code: NARPO
  • Preferred name: Narcissus poeticus
  • Authority: Linnaeus


Southern and central Europe. Cultivated as an ornamental. Introduced in other European countries and elsewhere

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Narcissus majalis Curtis
Narcissus poeticus subsp. poeticus Linnaeus

Common names
Name Language
pheasant's eye daffodil English
pheasant's eye daffodil English
pheasant's eye narcissus English
poet's narcissus English
white daffodil English
Dichternarzisse German
geißblume German
Poetennarzisse German
weiße Gartennarzisse German
weiße Narzisse German
claudinette French
cou de chameau French
gant de Notre-Dame French
herbe à la vierge French
jeannette blanche French
moulin à vent French
narcisse des poètes French
oeil de faisan French
oeillet de mai French
porillon French
rose de la vierge French
vachette French
jonquillos Spanish
narciso común Spanish
narciso de lechuguilla Spanish
narciso de los jardines Spanish
narciso de los poetas Spanish
narciso militar Spanish
tragapán Spanish
trompón Spanish
fior maggi Italian
giracopo Italian
narciso bianco Italian
narciso dei poeti Italian
narciso selvatico Italian
witte narcis Dutch
pingstlilja Swedish
нарцисс белый Russian
нарцисс поэтический Russian
ægte pinselilje Danish
pinselilje Norwegian
valkonarsissi Finnish
zerrinkadeh Turkish
narcyz biały Polish
fehér nárcisz Hungarian
narcis Albanian
бял нарцис Bulgarian
поетичен нарцис Bulgarian
grandalla Catalan
jonquill Catalan
lliri blanc Catalan
lliri de la Mare de Déu Catalan
menines Catalan
narciso de los poetas Catalan
polit Catalan
satalia Catalan
narcis bílý Czech
valge nartsiss Estonian
nargis Hindi
नर्गिस Hindi
krāšņā narcise Latvian
poetinis narcizas Lithuanian
narcis biely Slovak
beli narcis Slovene
нарцис білий Ukrainian