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Metroxylon sagu(MTRSA)

Last modification: 2002-03-01

Basic information
  • EPPO code: MTRSA
  • Preferred name: Metroxylon sagu
  • Authority: Rottbøll


New Guinea. Introduced in southeast Asia generally. This palm is a source of sago, extracted from the stems. A similar process is used to extract sago from Cycas revoluta (q.v.), which is a cycad and not a palm. The two cases are often confused

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Metroxylon rumphii (Willdenow) von Martius

Common names
Name Language
sago palm English
Sagopalme German
palmier à sagou French
sagoutier French
palma sagu Spanish
palma a sagu Italian
palma da sago Italian
sagopalm Dutch