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Metroxylon sagu(MTRSA)

Code created in: 2002-03-01

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: MTRSA
  • Preferred name: Metroxylon sagu
  • Authority: Rottbøll


New Guinea.  This palm is a source of sago, extracted from the stems. A similar process is used to extract sago from Cycas revoluta (q.v.), which is a cycad and not a palm. The two cases are often confused. Introduced in Indochina (Thailand), Malesia, Solomon Islands

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Metroxylon rumphii (Willdenow) von Martius
Sagus laevis Jack
Sagus rumphii Willdenow

Common names
Name Language
rumbia English
sago palm English
Sagopalme German
palmier à sagou French
sagoutier French
palma sagu Spanish
palma a sagu Italian
palma da sago Italian
sagopalm Dutch