EPPO Global Database

Monarda fistulosa(MOAFI)


Organism Type
Homalodisca vitripennis (HOMLTR) Host
* Turner WF, Pollard HN (1959) Life histories and behavior of five insect vectors of phony peach disease. United States Department of Agriculture, Technical Bulletin 1188, 28 pp.
-------- Feeding host.
Luperomorpha xanthodera (as Monarda) (LUPMXA) Host
Orthotospovirus tomatomaculae (TSWV00) Host
* Parrella G, Gognalons P, Gebre-Selassie K, Vovlas C, Marchoux G (2003) An update of the host range of tomato spotted wilt virus. Journal of Plant Pathology 85(4), 227-264.
------- Confirmed host.
'Candidatus Phytoplasma solani' (PHYPSO) Wild/Weed
* Marcone C, Bellardi MG, Bertaccini A (2016) Phytoplasma diseases of medicinal and aromatic plants.  Journal of Plant Pathology 98(3), 379-404.