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Mandragora autumnalis(MNDAU)

Code created in: 1996-10-28

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: MNDAU
  • Preferred name: Mandragora autumnalis
  • Authority: Bertoloni


Mediterranean. A traditional medicinal plant, cultivated in earlier times in many European countries. Its nomenclature is extremely confused, with the result that the pertinent name M. officinalis is no longer used, while M. officinarum applies to a plant of very local distribution. The common names are equally confused, possibly referring to different forms of the cultivated plant  

Common names
Name Language
common mandrake English
mandrake English
Alraunwurzel German
gemeine Alraune German
mandragore officinale French
acelgones Spanish
berenjenilla Spanish
lechuguilla Spanish
mandrágora Spanish
mandrágora femenina Spanish
mandrágula Spanish
uca de moro Spanish
vilanera Spanish
mandragora Italian
mandragora autunnale Italian
alruin Dutch
gewone alruin Dutch
herfstalruin Dutch
mandrágora Portuguese
mandrágora-de-outuno Portuguese
vanlig alruna Swedish
ведьмин корень Russian
корень мандрагоры Russian
мандрагора женская Russian
мандрагора лекарственная Russian
мандрагора осенняя Russian
мандрагора черная Russian
adamotu Turkish
duda refu'i Hebrew
דּוּדָא רְפוּאִי Hebrew
mandragora lekarska Polish