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Mimusops elengi(MMOEL)

Code created in: 2018-06-22

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: MMOEL
  • Preferred name: Mimusops elengi
  • Authority: Linnaeus


Indian peninsula, Bangladesh, northeast India, Indochina, Malesia, New Guinea, Australia. Planted as a garden and street tree, and used medicinally. Introduced in Africa (Mozambique), USA (Florida), Caribbean

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Kaukenia elengi (Linnaeus) Kuntze
Mimusops javensis Burck
Mimusops latericia Elmer
Mimusops lucida Poiret
Mimusops parvifolia Brown
Mimusops timorensis Burck

Common names
Name Language
bullet wood English
medlar English
Spanish cherry English
élengi French
bunga tanjong Indonesian