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Mercurialis annua subsp. ambigua(MERAM)

Code created in: 1996-10-28

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: MERAM
  • Preferred name: Mercurialis annua subsp. ambigua
  • Authority: (C. Linnaeus) Arcangeli


The distinction between this taxon and subsp. annua is not clear. Subsp. ambigua appears to occur mainly at higher altitudes

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Mercurialis ambigua C. Linnaeus
Mercurialis monoica Durand

Common names
Name Language
mercuriale ambiguë French
malcoraje Spanish
mercurial Spanish
mercurial negro Spanish
ortiga mansa Spanish
ortiga muerta Spanish
mercorella poliploide Italian
barredoiro Portuguese
basalho Portuguese
mercurial Portuguese
urtiga-morta Portuguese
urtiga-morta-bastarda Portuguese
maxuritxola Basque
merxuriar Basque
malcoratge Catalan
mercurial Catalan
monteral Catalan
murcarol Catalan