EPPO Global Database

Medicago falcata(MEDFA)


Organism Type
Clavibacter insidiosus (CORBIN) Host
Clavibacter insidiosus (as Medicago) (CORBIN) Host
Gonioctena fornicata (GONCFO) Host
* Brovdii VM (1976) [The lucerne leaf-beetle (Gonioctena fornicata Bruggm.) - a serious pest of lucerne in the south-western regions of the European part of the Soviet Union]. Dopovidi Akademii Nauk Ukrains'koi RSR, B No.5, .457-459 (abst).
------- Adult and larval host.
Meloidogyne chitwoodi (MELGCH) Host
* Griffin GD, Rumbaugh MD (1996) Host suitability of twelve Leguminosae species to populations of Meloidogyne hapla and M. chitwoodi. Journal of Nematology 28, 400-405.