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Mandevilla laxa(MDVLA)

Code created in: 1996-10-28

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: MDVLA
  • Preferred name: Mandevilla laxa
  • Authority: (Ruiz & Pavón) Woodson


South America (Peru to Bolivia and Argentna). Cultivated as an ornamental climber. Introduced in China. Despite its common name, this species does not originate in Chile

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Mandevilla suaveolens Lindley

Common names
Name Language
Chilean jasmine English (US)
chilenischer Jasmin German
dipladénia French
jasmin brésilien French
jasmin du Chili French
mandévilla French
dipladenia Spanish
jazmín chileno Spanish
jazmín de Chile Spanish
jazmín de Jujuy Spanish
mandevilla Spanish
Chileense jasmijn Dutch
dipladénia Portuguese
doftbägarranka Swedish
мандевилла рыхлая Russian
wén téng shǔ Chinese
文藤属 Chinese