EPPO Global Database

Berberis aquifolium(MAHAQ)


Organism Type
Puccinia graminis (as Berberis) (PUCCGR) Alternate
Cacoecimorpha pronubana (TORTPR) Host
Ceroplastes ceriferus (as Berberis) (CERPCE) Host
Drosophila suzukii (DROSSU) Host
Halyomorpha halys (HALYHA) Host
* Mityushev IM (2021) Host plants of Halyomorpha halys in the urban ecosystem on the Azov Sea Coast of Russia. EPPO Bulletin 51(2), 305-310.
------- Highly abundant on this plant in the studied area, fruit were slighly deformed and smaller.
Phytophthora kernoviae (as Berberis) (PHYTKE) Host
* Fera (2015) Fera list of natural hosts of Phytophthora kernoviae with symptom and location. available at https://planthealthportal.defra.gov.uk/assets/uploads/P.kernoviae-host-list-finalupdateNov-2015.pdf (last accessed 2022-09).
------- as "Mahonia" (foliar necrosis).
Phytophthora ramorum (PHYTRA) Host
* Cave GL, Randall-Schadel B & Redlin SC (2008) Risk analysis for Phytophthora ramorum Werres, de Cock & Man in’t Veld, causal agent of sudden oak death, ramorum leaf blight, and ramorum dieback. US Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Raleigh, NC.

* USDA (2010) Phytophthora ramorum Werres, de Cock & Man in’t Veld. Pest Risk Assessment for Oregon.  https://static1.squarespace.com/static/58740d57579fb3b4fa5ce66f/t/599dec4b2994ca3914cdde86/1503521868110/Pram_PRA_OR_11192010.pdf

* Elliott M, Rollins L, Bourret T, Hulbert JM, Chastagner G (2021) Three new hosts for Phytophthora ramorum confirmed in Washington State: Salal, Oregon grape, and red huckleberry. Plant Health Progress 22(3), 389-391. https://doi.org/10.1094/PHP-01-21-0003-FI
Pochazia shantungensis (POCZSH) Host
* Hızal E, Öztemiz S, Gjonov I (2023) Phenology and host preferences of the invasive Pochazia shantungensis (Chou & Lu, 1977) (Hemiptera: Ricaniidae), a risk for agriculture and forest areas in the West-Palaearctic Region. Acta Zoologica Bulgarica 75(2), 251-258. https://www.acta-zoologica-bulgarica.eu/2023/002673
Pseudococcus comstocki (PSECCO) Host
* Pellizzari G, Duso C, Rainato A, Pozzebon A, Zanini G (2012) Phenology, ethology and distribution of Pseudococcus comstocki, an invasive pest in northeastern Italy. Bulletin of Insectology.65(2), 209-215.