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Leopoldia longipes(LPQLO)

Code created in: 2018-04-25

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: LPQLO
  • Preferred name: Leopoldia longipes
  • Authority: (Boissier) Losinskaya


Israel and Jordan to Turkey, Caucasus, Western Asia. Note that there is a confusion between Muscari longipes, Leopoldia longipes and Bellevalia longipes as accepted names or synonyms, which does not appear to be entirely resolved

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Leopoldia deserticola (Rechinger) Feinbrun
Muscari longipes Boissier

Common names
Name Language
metzillot arukkot-'oketz Hebrew
מְצִלּוֹת אֲרֻכּוֹת-עֹקֶץ Hebrew