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Lonicera japonica(LONJA)

Last modification: 2004-04-22

Basic information
  • EPPO code: LONJA
  • Preferred name: Lonicera japonica
  • Authority: Thunberg


China, Japan, Korea. Widely cultivated as an ornamental, and introduced into western Europe, southern Asia, several African countries, North, Central and South America, Australasia.  Invasive in Corsica and New Zealand

WSSA list of weeds in North America

Common names
Name Language
lligabosc japonès Catalan
japanische Heckenkirsche German
japanisches Geißblatt German
Japanese honeysuckle English
madreselva Spanish (AR)
chèvrefeuille du Japon French
kozja krv  Croatian
caprifoglio del Giappone Italian
caprifoglio giapponese Italian
スイカズラ Japanese
sui-kazura Japanese
жимолость японская Russian
dorëzonjë Albanian
lavardhë Albanian
rěn dōng Chinese
忍冬 Chinese