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'Candidatus Liberibacter africanus'(LIBEAF)

Distribution details in South Africa

Current pest situation evaluated by EPPO on the basis of information dated 2006: Present, restricted distribution
First recorded in: 1920s
From CABI Disease map 765 (1998): Present, widespread
From NPPO: Present, restricted distribution
A survey carried out in 2006 concluded that only 'Candidatus Liberibacter africanus' occurs in South Africa (Pietersen et al., 2010).
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* Phahladira MNB, Viljoen R, Pietersen G (2012) Widespread occurrence of 'Candidatus Liberibacter africanus subspecies capensis' in Calodendrum capense in South Africa. Europrean Journal of Plant Pathology 134(1), 39-47.
------- It seems that natural spread of 'Ca. L. africanus subsp. capensis' from Calodendrum capense to citrus does not occur.

* Mead, F. W. (1976) Entomology Circular, Division of Plant Industry, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services No. 168, 4 pp.
------- Contains information on distribution of the vector Trioza erytreae.

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