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Lentinula edodes(LENTED)

Last modification: 1996-10-16

Basic information
  • EPPO code: LENTED
  • Preferred name: Lentinula edodes
  • Authority: (Berkeley) Pegler


China, Japan, Korea. This highly valued edible mushroom is cultivated on the wood of Fagaceous trees, especially Castanopsis sieboldii (q.v.). It accounts for 10% of world mushroom production

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Cortinellus edodes (Berkeley) Ito & Imai
Lentinus edodes (Berkeley) Singer

Common names
Name Language
shiitake English
Pasaniapilz German
Shii-take German
champignon parfumé French
lentin comestible French
lentin du chêne French
shiitake Japanese
xiāng gū Chinese
香菇 Chinese