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Couroupita guianensis(KOOGU)

Last modification: 2016-06-05

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: KOOGU
  • Preferred name: Couroupita guianensis
  • Authority: Aublet


South America (northwest to Bolivia and northern Brazil). Planted in tropical countries, for example as specimen trees in Buddhist monasteries.  Introduced in Bangladesh, USA (Florida), Central America, Caribbean, eastern Brazil

Common names
Name Language
cannonball tree English
Kanonenkugelbaum German
abricotier du bord de mer French
arbre à bombes French
arbre aux boulets de canon French
boulet de canon French
calebasse-colin French
couroupita de Guyane French
kouroupitoumou French
bala de cañón Spanish
coco de mono Spanish
taparón Spanish
abricó-de-macaco Portuguese
amendoeira-dos-andes Portuguese
castanha-de-macaco Portuguese
cuia-de-macaco Portuguese
macacarecuia Portuguese