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Iris lutescens(IRILU)

Code created in: 1996-10-28

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: IRILU
  • Preferred name: Iris lutescens
  • Authority: Lamarck


Mediterranean (northwest). Cultivated as an ornamental. Introduced in southeast Mediterranean. Despite being known as the Crimean iris in English, this species does not occur in the Black Sea region

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Iris chamaeiris Bertoloni
Iris lutescens subsp. olbiensis (Hénon) Rouy
Iris virescens auctorum

Common names
Name Language
Crimean iris English
gelbliche Schwertlilie German
iris jaunâtre French
iris jaune French
iris petit-iris French
petit iris French
lirio bajo Spanish
lirio enano de monte Spanish
lirio franciscano Spanish
lirio morao Spanish
lirio pascual Spanish
lirio pequeño de campo Spanish
lirio silvestre Spanish
matapollo Spanish
giaggiolo giallastro Italian
giaggiolo tirrenico Italian
lírio-cardano Portuguese
lírio-cardeno Portuguese
lírio-dos-montes Portuguese
lírio-roxo Portuguese
ganjol menut Catalan
jinjol blau Catalan
lliri blau Catalan
lliri de muntanya Catalan
lliri de Sant Fransesc Catalan
lliri menut Catalan
cotela pichona Occitan