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Coniferiporia weirii(INONWE)

Code created in: 2002-11-02

Basic information
  • Preferred name: Coniferiporia weirii
  • Authority: (Murrill) L.W. Zhou & Y.C. Dai

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Fomitiporia weirii Murrill
Inonotus weirii (Murrill) Kotlaba & Pouzar
Phellinidium weirii (Murrill) Y.C. Dai
Phellinus weirii (Murrill) Gilbertson
Poria weirii (Murrill) Murrill

Common names
Name Language
laminated butt rot of conifers English
root rot of conifers English
yellow ring rot of conifers English
pourridié des racines des conifères French
podredumbre de las raíces de las coníferas Spanish
Глеофиллум заборный, заборный трутовик Russian