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Jatropha curcas(IATCU)

Last modification: 2001-11-08

Basic information
  • EPPO code: IATCU
  • Preferred name: Jatropha curcas
  • Authority: Linnaeus


Central and South America. Introduced into subsaharan Africa, Western Asia, India, southeast Asia. Cultivated for the oil extracted from its fruits, and for its medicinal (purgative) properties

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Curcas curcas (Linnaeus) Britton

Common names
Name Language
Barbados nut English
physic nut English (AU)
purging nut English
Purgiernußbaum German
noix de médecine French
pignon d'Inde French
pourghère French
árbol santo Spanish (PA)
tartago Spanish (HN)
tartago Spanish (PR)
tempate Spanish (MX)
fava purgatrice Italian
giatrofa catarcita Italian
ricino maggiore Italian
purgeernoot Dutch
mandubiguacu Portuguese (BR)
pinhão-de-purga Portuguese (BR)