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Hydrangea macrophylla(HYEMA)

Code created in: 2004-04-15

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: HYEMA
  • Preferred name: Hydrangea macrophylla
  • Authority: (Thunberg) Seringe


Japan. Several varieties have been described in the wild in different parts of Japan, and at different altitudes. Cultivated as an ornamental, in a great variety of cultivars of the "hortensia" or "mophead" types. Introduced in Europe, Himalayas, China, Indochina, Mexico, Central America, South America (northwest), New Zealand

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Hydrangea hortensia Siebold
Hydrangea hortensis Smith
Hydrangea japonica Siebold
Hydrangea macrophylla subsp. macrophylla (Thunberg) Seringe
Hydrangea opuloides (Lamarck) Koch

Common names
Name Language
French hydrangea English
Gartenhortensie German
Hortensie German
hortensia French
hidrangea Spanish
hortensia Spanish
gewone hortensia Dutch
flor-de-pedra Portuguese
granja Portuguese
hidrângea Portuguese
hidranja Portuguese
hortênsia Portuguese
novelão Portuguese
hortensia Swedish
ajisai Japanese
fuiri-gaku Japanese
haidoranjia Japanese
shichihenge Japanese
アジサイ Japanese
シチヘンゲ Japanese
ハイドランジア Japanese
フイリガク Japanese
гидрангия крупнолистная Russian
гортензия крупнолистная Russian
hortensia Danish
ortanca Turkish
hortensja ogrodowa Polish
kerti hortenzia Hungarian
lule-borë Albanian
xiù qiú Chinese
绣球 Chinese
hortenzija  Croatian
hortenzie velkolistá Czech
수국 Korean
su guk Korean
hortenzia kalinolistá Slovak
гортензія великолиста Ukrainian