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Hop stunt viroid(HSVD00)

Distribution details in Iran

Current pest situation evaluated by EPPO on the basis of information dated 2019: Present, no details
* Bagherian SAA, Izadpanah K (2010) Two novel variants of Hop stunt viroid associated with yellow corky vein disease of sweet orange and split bark disorder of sweet lime. 21st International Conference on virus and other graft transmissible diseases of fruit crops (2009-07-05/10, Neustadt, DE). Julius-Kühn-Archiv no. 427, 105-113.

* Bani Hashemian SM, Taheri H, Mohammad Alian Y, Bové JM, Duran-Vila N (2013) Complex mixtures of viroids identified in the two main citrus growing areas of Iran. Journal of Plant Pathology 95(3), 647-654.

* Hajizadeh M, Torchetti EM, Sokhandan-Bashir N, Navarro B, Doulati-Banch H, Martelli GP, Di Serio F (2015) Grapevine viroids and Grapevine fan leaf virus in north-west Iran. Journal of Plant Pathology 97(2), 363-368.

* Maddahian M, Massumi H, Heydarnejad J, Hosseinipour A, Khezri A, Sano T (2019) Biological and molecular characterization of hop stunt viroid variants from pistachio trees in Iran. Journal of Phytopathology 167(3), 163-173.
------- On Pistacia vera.
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