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Hibiscus rosa-sinensis(HIBRS)

Code created in: 2000-06-06

Basic information
  • EPPO Code: HIBRS
  • Preferred name: Hibiscus rosa-sinensis
  • Authority: Linnaeus


A species of obscure origin, possibly the Pacific island of Vanuatu. Very widely cultivated as an ornamental, and also used medicinally. Introduced in Western Asia (Pakistan), India, Bangladesh, Indochina (except Myanmar), Malesia (Borneo, Lesser Sunda Islands), China, Cameroon, Ethiopia, Zaïre, East Africa, USA (California, Florida), Mexico, Central America, Caribbean,  South America (Venezuela), New Caledonia, Pacific Islands

Common names
Name Language
China rose English
Chinese hibiscus English
Chinese rose English
Hawaiian hibiscus English
rose mallow English
rose of China English
shoe-black plant English
shoe-flower English
chinesischer Roseneibisch German
Rosenstundenblume German
ketmie French
rose de Chine French
clavel japonés Spanish
cucarda Spanish
hibisco pacífico Spanish
rosa de China Spanish
ibisco cinese Italian
rosa della Cina Italian
chineese heemstros Dutch
cardeais Portuguese
hibisco Portuguese
rosa-da-china Portuguese
bussôge Japanese
fûrinbussôge Japanese
haibisukasu Japanese
ryûkiyûmukuge Japanese
ハイビスカス Japanese
フウリンブッソウゲ Japanese
ブッソウゲ Japanese
リュウキユウムクゲ Japanese
гибискус китайский Russian
китайская роза Russian
jaba Bengali
zhū jǐn Chinese
朱槿 Chinese
gudhal Hindi
गुढ़ल Hindi
bunga raya Indonesian
гібіск китайська роза Ukrainian