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Guizotia abyssinica(GUIAB)

Last modification: 2002-02-15

Basic information
  • EPPO code: GUIAB
  • Preferred name: Guizotia abyssinica
  • Authority: (C. Linnaeus) Cassini


Ethiopia. Cultivated for its seeds and the oil extracted from them, in the form of various cultivars. Widely introduced throughout Africa, and to a limited extent in some European countries

Other scientific names
Name Authority
Guizotia oleifera de Candolle

Common names
Name Language
niger English
niger-seed English (AU)
niger thistle English
abessinisches Ramtillkraut German
Gingellikraut German
Nigersaat German
Ramtillkraut German
guizotia d'Abyssinie French
guizotia oléifère French
noug French
guizotia Italian
gingellikruid Dutch
negerfrö Swedish
гвизотия абиссинская Russian
гвизоция абиссинская Russian
гизоция абиссинская Russian
нуг Russian
рамтил Russian
nigerfrø Danish
gizoteyah tzarat-'alim Hebrew
גִּיזוֹטְיָה צָרַת-עָלִים Hebrew
olejarka abisyńska Polish
négermag Hungarian
negrilló Catalan
mastňák habešský Czech
ramtil Hindi
रामतिल Hindi
ramtila habešská Slovak
abesinska gizotija Slovene